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Frutica PrJSC / Galfrost LLC

89B, L. Ukrainky street
Lviv region, Zhovkva
Ukraine, 80300

Tel.: + 38 03252 62075
Fax: + 38 03252 62064

General questions:

Mission and vision

PrJSC Frutica was founded in October 2004 as a Ukrainian company. Our mission is to represent an international group of companies on the East-European market and thereby put in place, a good, sound, sales service to offer Ukrainian partners.

To recognize our partners interests, needs and problems is important for us,to offer specific solutions we try hard.

Having absorbed the interests and intentions of the EU producers, Frutica has created a goal to become the bridge between companies of different countries, languages, mentalities, culture and the traditions of both sides.

To offer highest international quality standards in product and service is our mission. Strict quality control starting at the purchase of raw material and monitoring all production steps, modern processing technologies and full retrace ability of each batch allow us to guarantee a reliable product for your use.

The team of Frutica Agro Frutica Byshkiv and Galfrost is well trained and everybody gives continuously his / her best to improve our quality in product and service with the target to become a well known partner for food industry in Eastern and Western Europe in long term cooperation.