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Frutica PrJSC / Galfrost LLC

89B, L. Ukrainky street
Lviv region, Zhovkva
Ukraine, 80300

Tel.: + 38 03252 62075
Fax: + 38 03252 62064

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Agro Frutica Byshkiv LLC was founded in 2005 by PrJSC Frutica and Anatolij Kljuchko, a local experienced farmer. The company is situated in Byshkiv village (Zhovkva district, Lviv region), the area that is famous for its berries cultivation, in particular strawberries. The place has a good geographical position (45 km from Lviv and 11 km from the border with Poland) and a favorable soil-climate relationship.

Agro Frutica Byshkiv, LLC is an agricultural company with the idea to cultivate berries and to become a purchaser of fruit from local farmers. The long term vision of the company and a final "destination" is freezing and processing the berries that are cultivated in the area.

A regular trained and high specialized team of specialists choose and apply their modern technology. The close contact to the food processing industry allows them to cultivate berries and other agricultural products in the methods requested by the clients. The philosophy of Agro Frutica Byshkiv is that in the fruit industry every quality strategy starts with high quality raw material (= fruit), which we can cultivate.